About Us

We’re a company that strives to help entrepreneurs succeed. We’ve been in business since 2013, so you can be sure we know what works!

Why Us?

A small business owner needs to do many things in order to successfully run their company, including keeping up with social media, blogging, email marketing, and even producing their own web content. Writing your content can be difficult or even impossible if you don’t have the time, the writing skills, or both. This is where ThirdEyes comes in. We’ll produce original, unique web content that attracts your visitors to your site and encourages them to read more of your posts or purchase your products or services.

  • Leverage our network of 450+ content creators
  • Remove tedious and overwhelming tasks from your workload
  • On-demand access to professional writers who can create any type of content
  • Get a flexible, legal and guaranteed task that is completed by our team of 450+ writers.
  • Amplify your message over and over again without hiring an army of copywriters.
  • Eliminate the need for high-priced advertising campaigns

Our content is created with the best possible outcome in mind, which means it will be engaging and timely. You can trust us to provide you with high-quality articles that your audience wants to be read!  With our content writing services, you can ensure that our content will reach your customers with all the information they need about your products and services, as well as additional detail that will help you establish yourself as an industry leader and attract new clients and revenue streams. If you’re looking to get high-quality content written and published for your website that rank on Google and drive traffic to your website, we can help! Get in touch with us today and we’ll discuss the details of your project.

Meet our Investors

We are fortunate to be backed by some of the leading angel investors including Fortify Solution, BPO Systems, VentureWind, Third Venture & Defiga Founders,  We have raised ₹1.2 Crore & the money we have raised is primarily used for R&D.

What Makes Us Different?

Our mission at Third Eyes is to provide meaningful content with imagination, innovation, and creativity.

We Understand How Important Branding is

Too many website owners have a hard time expressing their brand online because they don’t know where to start. They’re not sure what kind of image their site should convey, or what words are best to use when describing themselves. ThirdEyes has helped numerous companies overcome these challenges, creating professional content that enhances their branding efforts.

We Know How to Craft Attention-Grabbing Headlines

When it comes to designing webpage or writing a blog/service an effective headline is essential for grabbing a reader’s attention. Headlines should clearly and directly relate to your content. They should also be scannable—each word in your headline serves a purpose and can be read quickly. ThirdEyes has helped craft headlines for hundreds of websites; let us help you do the same.

We Can Produce Compelling Content that Actually Converts

At ThirdEyes, we are committed to producing compelling content for websites. We specialize in creating personalized content that actually converts. We want to partner with you to transform your content into targeted marketing pieces that speak directly to your audience and accomplish specific business goals. Let us show you how our proven method can boost your ROI! Contact us today at +91-816-893-9550 for a free consultation!

We Offer Excellent Customer Service

Providing customer service online can be difficult, which is why we have dedicated support staff in place to ensure your experience with us is nothing but positive. If you ever need help with our content writing services, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team will get back to you within 24 hours. Guaranteed!​

We use Unique Ideas for Original Content

If you’re looking for unique ideas for original content, consider hiring Us. ThirdEyes can provide detailed website content that will help you accomplish your business goals. Professional content creation services are designed to set you apart from competitors with fresh perspectives on proven topics. What do you want your customers to think about? Let our team of experts create content that solves specific problems and expands awareness for your brand. The options are endless; call or email us today!

We provide Affordable Content Solutions

ThirdEyes provides affordable content solutions for companies of all sizes. Our content writers are trained in all aspects of content creation, including SEO writing. Our content writing started from just only ₹0.50 Paisa Per Word. If you’re looking for original website content or want to outsource your SEO writing, contact us today to get started!

Have Any Questions?

We always make sure to take a very consultative approach to all of our projects – what works for one company may not work for another and we want you to be as involved as possible every step of the way.

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