Content Writing Price in India

Content Writing Prices in India

Are you looking to hire someone to write the content on your website? While there are lots of freelance writers who can be hired online, it’s important to know what you should expect when hiring someone, and how much you can expect to pay per article or pay per word depending on the level of quality you desire. 

Writing captivating and informative content is one of the best ways to get your business noticed on the internet today, but writing that quality content can take up a lot of time, which may impact other aspects of your business. At ThirdEyes, we understand how important it is to be able to create this high-quality content, so we’ve developed packages that work perfectly with your budget, no matter what you have planned for your business in the future. Plus, you can count on fast turnaround time!

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High Quality and affordable content writing services

Wondering How much it is going to cost you for your next content writing project? Don’t worry, we got you covered. You can head over here for a list of content writing prices along with other details about our writers and their services. Browse the amazing quotes below and drop us a message for any query or question in mind. We are happy to help.

We provide one of the cheap content writing services in India, but we assure you that quality is never compromised. Our content writers are expert enough to write high-quality and plagiarism-free content as per your specifications within short deadlines. You can also request revisions as many times as possible till you get satisfactory output from us. This way you get the best value for money and satisfaction!




Non-specialty content

₹ 0.50


Finance and accounting

₹ 1.00



₹ 1.00



₹ 1.20


Website Landing Page

₹ 3.00


Product Descriptions

₹ 2.00


Branded Content

₹ 4.00


Social Media Content

₹ 3.00



₹ 2.00



₹ 2.00


Architects and engineers

₹ 2.00


Research-based writing

Base rate +40%


Our Content Writing Price Started from ₹0.50 paise Per Word only

We offer attractive prices and a quick turnaround

We are a company specializing in delivering quality content for websites. With over 10 years of experience, we have written over 10,000 pages with a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Some of our specialties include SEO-friendly content, Sales Copywriting, Press Releases, Product Descriptions, and other types of Web Content at affordable prices. Whether you need some basic help or an entire website was rewritten, ThirdEyes can do it all! Whether you need articles to drive traffic or information on how to start a business, ThirdEyes will deliver!

We offer attractive prices to ensure that our clients get a wide choice of services at competitive rates. Whether you have a big business idea or just want to increase your visibility online, we can help you succeed and reach your goals by providing SEO-optimized content on time. We keep our cost low in order to provide affordable web content writing services for startups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. Our custom-written articles are unique and well-researched so that you can achieve great ROI.

Why Choose Us?

Many companies and businesses today recognize that writing content is critical to their success. However, they also understand that finding a team of quality writers is difficult. The ThirdEyes are a team of professional freelance content writers who can help your business succeed. We will provide high-quality content for your website or marketing campaign, guaranteed to boost traffic, brand awareness, and social media presence. You can rest assured knowing we have your best interests in mind, regardless of how big or small your project may be. What are you waiting for?

why choose us?

We Can Promise To Deliver The Best Work At A Fair Price!

If you’re in need of content for your website or any other marketing or advertising purposes, ThirdEyes is a great option. We have quality writers who produce quality material and keep to deadlines, allowing you to put out new material and update your site frequently and effectively. We offer affordable content writing prices for even the most complex and difficult projects, so please get in touch with us today if you have any questions or would like a free quote on anything from articles to social media posts. Check out testimonials from ThirdEyes previous clients, who have worked with us on their business website content writing and found success online. While we can’t guarantee your own success, we can promise to deliver our best work at a fair price!

ThirdEyes have always delivered great content and have been very accommodating with regards to my changes in requirements. I would definitely use them again. – Sandeep Singh- Marketing Head

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ThirdEyes is very trustworthy and always delivers high-quality content. We have never had an issue with them or their work. - Anisha Sareen (Head Of Marketing Communications)

our clients

If you are looking for top notch article writing services then go no further than ThirdEyes; from personal experience we can say that you won’t find any better articles! They took a prompt and turned it into a wonderful article.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We can customize a quote for your project. In fact, we prefer it! It’s best to start with an outline of what you need written and send it over to us. At that point, our team will create a custom proposal for you based on how much content you need and how soon you need it by. We can usually get back to you within 24 hours with a custom quote that is specific to your needs. If you don’t see a package that meets your price range, don’t worry! Just contact us and let us know what you have in mind so we can give you some options. If nothing else, just let us know how many words/pages you want completed (we work on very strict deadlines) so we can give you an accurate estimate.

Our turnaround time is quite fast and we know how important it is to you, that’s why we put everything possible to ensure a speedy service. We can guarantee turnaround times ranging from 3-5 days or sooner, depending on your urgency. If it’s important, please specify as soon as possible so we can make every effort to accommodate your deadline.

We charge on a per word basis. This means that you only pay for what’s written, and we take responsibility for meeting your desired results. Our standard Website Landing page content rate start form R.s 3 per word with a minimum of 5000 per project  however, we can negotiate different rates based on budgets, length, and subject matter. If you think your budget could go lower than 5000 a month, let us know!

Sure! we always have ideas of what you might want to write about. But if you really do not know, please contact us and we will help suggest an idea that you might find valuable or even exciting to write about. You can also check out our services page  and see what topics people want to know more about. If it is something that you feel passionate about then there is a good chance that someone else would too!

Yes, we offer special discounts for writing larger orders and discount packages for returning customers. We also always provide free samples of our work. Any client can request a sample at any time by simply emailing us. A basic content review is just one way to get an idea of how skilled our writers are.

We charge per word for our content writing services. A typical 700-word manufacturing company website content would cost in the range of 1200 to 1300 INR per word.

Depending on your industry, some topics might require a higher degree of thought or research than others. More specialised content will come with a price increase. To figure out what to charge for brochure writing services, how much time it’ll take us to complete your work and how long that task would typically take another professional in your field. We charge between Rs 4000-5000 per 500 word brochure content. A brochure is usually around 5 pages front and back so we divide our charges accordingly.

We charge per word for our content writing services. A typical 700-word manufacturing company website content would cost in the range of 1300 to 1400 INR per word. Any order beyond 2,000 words gets 10% discount from our standard rate. 

It all depends on our clients’ needs. We start by asking questions about their target audience, goals, and content themes. Then we use that information to determine what type of social media content they need – and how much they should expect to pay for it. It’s an approach our customers like because it means they don’t have to worry about a set price or limit on spending. Instead, they can focus on creating great content and getting results from their investment in Social Media Marketing services. Generally we charge Rs 3.00 – 4.00 per word.

In order to create relevant and well-researched content for your website, you’ll likely need a writer with experience writing about technology. They should know how to speak effectively to an audience that is primarily comprised of engineers and other people who work in Information Technology-related fields. That’s why we charge a premium price point for our technical writers. It may be expensive,  So what does it cost? ₹4-₹5 per word (depending on the topic) gets you top-notch writers who are experienced and can write content like nobody’s business – that converts a lead into sales! You get quality technical content writing services at affordable prices… guaranteed!

Content writing charges will vary based on your industry, niche, and per-page rates. Generally, we charge 1500-1600/500 words for our Finance & Accounting category content writing services. However, we offer a lucrative discount of 10% to our first time clients who purchase 3 pages of content. If you’re looking to hire an expert content writer and website copywriter for your finance and accounting-related project, contact us now! We write original SEO-friendly articles from scratch that are full of quality and free from grammatical errors.

For medical content writing, we charge 200 INR per 100 words on a monthly payment plan. We have no contract terms and you are free to cancel any time. You can subscribe for unlimited work on your first post. This deal is suitable for startups who want online exposure or businesses who want in-depth website content writing service. Our charges are flexible according to your needs.

There is no minimum order size. You can order one article, or a hundred if you’d like. Just make sure your payment goes through and we’ll take care of everything else! 

We try to assign articles within 3 hours of when you’ve placed an order with us; however, sometimes it may take longer for a writer to become available for your project.

Yes, all articles are guaranteed complete confidentiality and we will never share any of your information with anyone. In fact, we don’t even keep any electronic records of you order. We only use it to process your order. Once your order is processed we destroy it along with our electronic records of it within 24 hours. The only thing that remains is a copy of an order confirmation email which isn’t traceable to you in any way and has no information on what was purchased or how much was paid.

You’ve built a killer website, optimized it, and now you’re getting visitors. What now? You’ll want to continue producing new content so that you can grow your audience. This is where our blog writing services come in handy. Our writers specialize in creating quality content, which will help to ensure that your site stays current and popular with your readers. The more consistent your website becomes, the more likely people are to stay interested in what you have to say.

Of course, you will get 100% original content as we don’t compromise on quality. With us, you can expect nothing but excellence in content delivered to you. We do have strict checks in place to ensure that all content is completely plagiarism-free before delivery. Our writers are trained with the latest industry standards and keep track of all recent developments within their domain to make sure that they always provide accurate information with regards to topics and domains they write on

If you decide to purchase articles from , you can rest assured that your rights are protected and respected. Our writers follow a strict code of ethics that ensures your article is written from scratch, free of plagiarism and in accordance with your instructions. If a writer does not meet these criteria, he or she will be fired immediately for non-compliance. We go out of our way to ensure that we offer only genuine content created by talented freelance writers who work hard to stay up-to-date on industry trends and writing styles. We at do everything possible to make sure your investment in our services pays off.

Yes. Our satisfied clients include everyone from small businesses and individuals to big companies and Fortune 500 organizations, who depend on us for their blogs, articles, e-books, press releases, website content and more. We guarantee 100% satisfaction in terms of quality, originality, speed or price. If you aren’t happy with your order – at any point – just let us know and we’ll revise it for free until you are 100% satisfied.

The answer is simple. We believe that customers need high-quality, plagiarism-free articles at affordable prices. That’s why we go to great lengths to offer top-notch services at very reasonable rates. If you’re looking for professional article writing services, look no further. With years of experience and advanced expertise in many fields, our team of talented writers can craft virtually any type of content and satisfy even your most challenging requirements. You’ll never have to worry about meeting your deadlines with us; if you give us a deadline, we promise it will be met! All articles are written from scratch based on a detailed outline provided by our clients. Rest assured that your personal information will remain confidential as we follow all privacy guidelines set forth by international laws.

We love hearing that from our clients, but truth be told, we strive to be THE best at everything we do. We put in insane hours to make sure our content looks great and is highly readable, even for people who aren’t professional writers. Our commitment to quality makes us proud of every single one of our articles—and you should feel proud when you see yours! We take a lot of pride in what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a look around some more, get inspired by some recent work, then let us know how we can help—we hope you like what you see!

There are several research materials that we use to come up with a unique idea for each of my articles. Our list of materials includes (but is not limited to) books, magazines, newspapers, internet resources, and other online sites that help me learn about relevant topics. No matter how many research materials we read or how many sources we visit, there is always something new to be learned from every single resource. There is nothing like having a diverse set of sources on hand when we are writing content. One may lack depth in one area while another may surpass it. You can never know enough about any topic until you have exhausted all possible information related to it – even then, you will probably find more info along your way! This is why we are constantly reading additional material so that we are never too behind or too ahead of my topic’s pace. It’s important to walk side by side with your topic instead of blindly leading it without being aware of its natural growth process.

Yes for sure! we will also research those keywords on Google. This way you can get an idea of what content is already ranking. From there we write a very useful, extremely detailed piece that draws upon my expertise, which targets both visitors and search engines alike. Plus, it’s worth checking out some competitors to see if they have written anything similar to your topic (you can usually find something). Targeting an audience that is looking for information in regards to (insert topic) would be a great place to start, but keep in mind what you want your brand to be about. If you are selling premium WordPress themes then it may not make sense to write tons of articles on free themes. Instead focus on educating people about WordPress and marketing strategy in general. The better educated they are on these topics, the more likely they will buy from you instead of going with free options.

In most cases, our customers can expect to receive their order within 3-7 business days. However, we encourage them to place orders as early as possible so that they have time to approve content and prepare for launch. We understand that last minute orders happen more often than not, but each situation is different. If you need your order placed sooner, please contact us immediately so we can accommodate you accordingly.

The best way to make your product safe for readers and search engines alike is to take a white hat approach when you write your content. There are many SEO scams out there so you want to be certain that you’re giving good advice, doing things correctly, and being held accountable for it. Google wants quality content and a solid business model in order to rank products on their first page consistently.

We ensure that you will be satisfied with our work. If for any reason you are not happy with our writing, then just let us know. You can ask for revision at no extra cost. Also, we offer a money back guarantee in case we don’t deliver what you want. You have nothing to lose! So go ahead and place your order now. Our writers are ready to start working on your order right away.

Of course. If you ever have any issues with your articles, or simply would like some advice on how to use them better, we’re here to help. Our friendly support team can be reached 24/7 and are always happy to assist with anything you might need. We try to make sure our writers and editors understand everything they need to deliver a quality piece of work before it leaves our facility.

Absolutely! Our writers are experts in their field and will be more than happy to provide additional support for you after your articles have been received. If any questions arise that need clarification, our 24/7 customer support team will be happy to answer any of your questions within a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason! We look forward to working with you.

At Thirdeyes, we charge by word. Our rates are variable and determined by how long you’d like us to work on your piece. For our 1,000-word service, for example, you can expect to pay  800-900 (including content generation and editing).

Yes. All of our writers specialize in writing blogs for clients such as yourself. This means that if you give us a project to write about, say dog food, we’ll only use writers who know about dogs and how to write on them. This ensures your content is always relevant and well-written.
How do you ensure quality control?: We have managers who approve each order before it is assigned to one of our writers for production. If anything seems out of place with regards to grammar or spelling, it is automatically flagged by our system so that nothing slips through without review from a manager.

Blogs usually have a logical arrangement, such as they are generally chronological, meaning they are sorted by date. Most blogs are broken down into a list of posts and contain excerpts, called teasers or blurbs of each post. They can also include highlights of important information, called in-line links that allow readers to jump to other pages on your site quickly and easily. Other design elements may include graphics, hyperlinks, and sidebars containing lists like related posts or archives by category.

If you’re planning to start a new website, or revamp an existing one, one of your first considerations should be whether it will be more suitable as a weblog, an online magazine, or newsletter. Blogs that express stories or experiences on a topic are generally best suited for blogs, while publications with posts on specific topics may benefit from being formatted as newsletters. Some sites may work well as both! There is no right answer; just look at your web content and decide which style fits most easily into what you already offer through other mediums. That way when readers click on any link to another site or service, they can immediately see how it relates to what they found on your page.


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